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Customised Content & Product Training

We believe not all training courses are created equal. We recognize that every company is unique and will have specific challenges and requirements to achieve the learning and development of their staff to meet business goals. That's why we provide flexible solutions that help our clients unlock the potential in their employees, whatever their unique situation may be.

Standard off-the-shelf training programs are designed with curriculums to provide as complete a learning program as possible to cover a subject extensively for the learner.

With a pool of experienced consultants in the IT industry specializing in IT Infrastructure and Best Practices, TP is capable of designing specific and customized training programs that target our clients' specific needs and work within their existing resource structure.

TP boast a team of trainers that have extensive field experience in managing advanced IT infrastructure technology from major IT vendors. As such, we are also able to integrate various solutions and technologies that are being deployed within our client’s environment to custom build and design instructions that forms customized end-user product training. Such end-user product trainings are sometimes preferred over standard certification courses and we have tailor-made such programs to a number of our key clients.